The easy, reliable way to get your new shop up and running, Perfect for any new startup business: if you need the confidence of a straightforward launch with minimal fuss, plus the most reliable of  technology at hand for your online shop, this is the package for you.

While a lot of similar programs have a mountain of restrictions and very little perks, this one is going to shake it all up for you.  Though it is clearly the base option that will give you less than the Pro and Elite packages, you'll find that there's still plenty here to help you out in seeing what you'll be getting right off the bat.

This is going to give you expert support from the pros at WordPress.  For those of you that know WordPress and its high level of professionalism, this is a huge win right away.  You'll also get support on your landing page so that you can develop your entire website before the public sees all of those changes that you've made.  You'll enjoy a highly secure network with lots of security, daily backups and checks to make you feel like every part of it is secure.

You'll get unlimited products, posts and pages so that you will be in the marketplace however you want to be, and you won't need to keep juggling products online and offline again in order to make room for new ones.

With the ability to choose your own domain name and advanced SEO workings, you'll be in great shape to do all the work that you need to do and you won't have to settle for anything less than professionalism.  It's important to note, however, that you will not get access to the product designer with this package option.

With all the features to make running your online shop a breeze ***This is our bestselling plan***Great support, great platform, loads of fantastic features and tools - there’s a reason this package is so popular! If you like what you've been reading so far, than you'll continue to love it with a step up into the next league. On top of the highlights of the Starter package, choosing the Pro package is also going to give you a large list of great benefits that are going to help you get into the big leagues. Amongst the best options in this package are the ability to print invoices and packing lists. This is perfect for those who want to customize those invoices and packing lists and then print them off for shipping. Speaking of shipping, FedEx Shipping will be able to offer their dynamic rates with your products to help keep customers “in the know”. With a Points/Rewards system available – customizable by you – you'll be able to draw them in with the allure of earning discounts and more. Lastly, you'll also be able to give your customers a PDF catalogue so that they can peruse (and fall in love with) your products even when they're on the go and internet-deprived. This package allows you access to our professional product designer that will give you the opportunity to trust an easy-to-use interface that is going to help put your design of choice onto all sorts of products including a mug, a card, a hoodie and more. With great graphic and text, this will help you keep that unique design that is going to help enjoy a finished product that is different from anything else on the market.
The premium option, that’s going to help you to compete with the best if you have BIG ambitions for your shop, this is the package to match. It includes every feature and tool you’ll need to make your business a runaway success, plus elite levels of support to help you every step of the way. Still looking for more? You'll find advanced capabilities within the world of Google Analytics, great for those with advanced marketing backgrounds, a Live Stream widget that is going to be able to demonstrate your community through a ticker that is modern, fast, and perfectly placed. Along the same lines, there is an “annoyance free” option for live chat so that you will be able to help customers with questions or concerns without getting in their faces or being too hard to find. The perfect medium. For those returning customers, you can even offer a subscription service so that you'll be able to sell products or services on a regular basis with a “recurring payment” option that is easily customized, enabled, and disabled if needed by the customer or creator. The other major perk about this package is the ability for customers to compare their products with one another. Great for the smart shopper that is always looking to make sure that they're getting the best option for them, comparing two or more products side by side is a major perk that a lot of online stores ignore. If you're looking for a way to make sure that you always take every shopper's mentality into consideration – as you should – than this is a great perk to add. Combine this with the professional product designer that is going to give you a seemingly endless list of options for customization in graphics, text and how the effects are going to come together to create fresh twists on common styles. This is completed with an interface that is all about ease of use to make sure you are equipped to customize each of the multiple products (business cards, bags and more) that you hold in your endless inventory. What you'll find with this package, that you won't find in others, is the perk of extra support hours (a great plus for newbies), extra storage space on the server, and even extra bandwidth so that you've got all of the power and the knowledge in how to use it.