The Brief

CoolMo Design
Brand & Website Design Brief

“CoolMo Design helps companies to truly understand their customers, and use insights to deliver experiences that they really value. By getting to the heart of your customer’s needs, you can ensure they remain loyal and your company sustainable, as your customer’s return time and time again.”

[Company-name] is looking for a brand and website update. [Name] is a customer experience consultant, delivering Customer Experience Strategy projects into businesses.

The Task
The task falls into four main parts:

Brand Identity: 2 unique logo concepts for [Company-name] complete with colour and typography choices as well as being mocked up on various branding materials.
Website Design: 6 page website design based on your comments and taking into account the sample websites you have shown me.
Website Build: Once the design has been signed off, the files will go into development. I work with separate developers for this but will be be managing the build, making sure everything runs smoothly.
Extras: Design for a 2 pager prospectus and 4 branded diagrams based on the styles we develop for the brand.

Page list:
Home page
The main page for your website, this will form most people’s first impressions so it needs to have impact.
Services page
Text, images and graphics/icons about the different services you offer.
Articles page
Page displaying your recent articles.
Individual article page
A page displaying a typical blog post. This will include different formatting options for images and text (e.g. block quotes, introductory paragraphs) to give you as much freedom as possible.
Contact / Make an enquiry
Includes enquiry form plus other contact details.
About page
Text, images and graphics/icons about you.

Brand: [date]
Website design: [date]
Website build & launch: [date]

Target Market
Medium to Large service industries.
Clients to date have all been FTSE 250 companies but would be happy to work with much smaller organisations.

Key Competitors

Design Notes
Colours: Possibly green, orange or purple. Not pink or red.
Style: Circles have a lot of meaning for [company] – references experience, closed loop practices etc.
Keywords: Simple, clean, striking.

Useful Links
This is where you will put your gut test, questionnaires and everything else relevant to the project.

Additional notes
Encourage clients to use this and fill in any random thoughts/ideas they get.